My parents instilled in me a love of nature. I used to watch my Dad waiting patiently to capture the perfect photograph. My Dad’s photos still inspire me to this day. I hope that you enjoy my photographs and will come back to visit the site often.

The opportunity to capture the beauty of nature is what drives me, which is best expressed for me by the words of this Hot House Flowers song:

Thing of Beauty

“Look out your window on a winter’s morning

Your breath is steam and there’s frost falling

And the sun casts a spell upon the road

A thing of beauty is not a thing to ignore

Great song of beauty

Stand by the river on a moonlight evening

Lovers are loving and grievers are grieving

And the water does a dance upon the stones

I sit and listen, I will not ignore

A thing of beauty is not to be ignored

Can’t you see, (can’t you see)

It in the secrets of the dawn, (thing of beauty)

Can’t you feel, (can’t you feel)

Can’t you feel it in the place that you come from

Thing of beauty…”